Creating a moodboard is one of the first steps we take here at The Moose. Often, the hardest part of a website design, is coming up with a ‘look’. Moodboarding is an essential part of the website design process, and it is also super fun for both us and our clients!

The purpose of a moodboard is to capture the feel of the website…You’ve done the research, have the content, created a solid frame and now it’s time to get creative with the layouts with photos, colors, and fonts.

By creating a moodboard, we are able to establish a solid color palette, ensure we are all on the same page about where the website is headed, and it can also be referred to throughout the design process to keep us on track.

Once a moodboard is created, we are able to move forwards confidently, knowing exactly what colors, fonts, and vibe our clients are going for, and knowing that everyone will be happy with the end result.