The Moose’s Services

The Moose is a Creative Marketing Company for Small Businesses.

We understand Small Business and understand the challenges of juggling producing your product with marketing your product. Our services aim to refocus you on what you do, while we help you promote it.

We like to get down to business right away…

The Moose offers a small business marketing service that is focused on profit. What can we do for you that will increase your profit more than we cost? If we can bring you more business than we cost then we have achieved our goal.
However, we don’t have short term goals. What we want and what we want to offer you is a long term relationship, where we work with you to achieve your long term goals. We want to be the marketing department that you don’t yet have. Eventually, we will make you so successful that you do not need us any longer.
Our goal is to make you so successful that you don’t need us. Small businesses, when they are successful, will outgrow the need for people like us. We embrace it and sincerely hope that you will get to the point where you don’t need us.


What Small Business or non-profit doesn’t want to look good?
If you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, what do you think about your brand? Did you rustle up a picture in a paint program or did you think about how your brand might affect your business?
If you didn’t think too much about it then it isn’t too late. Your first idea, your first drawing and your first logo were all probably driven by the same energy and enthusiasm that made you step out and start your business. We can probably help you improve on that, by taking your passion and making it bigger and better and more engaging.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is both very different and complementary to your traditional marketing. If you have a shop front, then that is part of your marketing. If you put advertisements in the local newspaper then that is part of your marketing.
Online marketing takes these aspects of traditional marketing and often turns them on their head. For example, your traditional shop front could be seen as not very different to the home page of your e-commerce site. The immediate difference would be that your shop front can now be seen by anyone on Earth 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Market Research

Passion and product are the fundamental keys to a successful business, but if you are passionate about something where do you draw the line? Do you stop at your town, your city, your county, your country? You decide how big you want to be, you decide how big your business will be.

If you are thinking of expanding or diversifying your business then we can help you research, plan and make it happen.


We take training very seriously. Helping you run your online business is much more than just building you a website.
Regardless of whether we build your website for you, you build your own website through our Build-a-Web or you lease your website through our Rent-a-Web program, we teach you how to use it to improve and maximize your business.