The Moose’s Portfolio

We are always proud of what we do to help small business succeed. A selection of our work is available for you to view in our portfolio.
Of course, we do a lot more than just the visual side of marketing, but this portfolio is to show you what we do that can be seen.


Branding and Logos

For many small businesses, the marketing story starts with the logo. The logo is the front of your brand, the first thing your clients see and the thing that they associate with you.
For that reason alone, it needs to represent you and your business. It will be on your business card, your website, your invoices, your e-mails, your letterhead, your adverts and your banners.
Your logo, though it will appear everywhere, is only a part of your branding. Your logo will often decide the colors, fonts and styles that you use to express yourself. Done well, your brand will push your business forward, identifying you and your mission, avoiding competitors that try to imitate you.
Often, we use colored pencils and rough sketches to create new brands and then we mostly use Adobe Illustrator to design a scalable logo for you that can be used for everything.



The first thing that most small businesses think is that they must have a website. We start out by asking why? Of course yes, most small businesses DO need a website, but it is a tool, a tool to help you do business. So, we ask you about what you want it to do for you.
Expressing your brand is one thing, showing some of your products is another, but what do you really want it to do for you?
Our idea of a website is a fully functioning automated version of you. A website that does not engage your customer and bring them closer to having a conversation with you is a wasted resource. Your website should engage your prospective clients from the moment they visit and draw them closer to becoming a customer. Your website should also engage your customers so that they keep coming back and enjoy doing business with you.
Fast, useful, promoting you and your brand, up to date and always collecting information that you can use to improve your business.


Online Media

Most of the ‘online media’ that we create for our clients is in the form of video and brochures, but this can extend to many forms. For example, any brochure that we create for printed form is normally recreated in electronic form so that the brochure can be viewed and/or downloaded from your website.
Our promotional videos typically last just a few minutes and provide a visual summary of your brand and product. Some clients produce their own videos and we can produce what is often referred to as a ‘logo sting’ which you can use to add your brand to the start of every video you produce.
When it comes to social media, creating the graphics and videos to make your business stand out is very important. We can take your logo, brand and products to make an engaging video to catch the eye of prospective customers and encourage them to engage with you.