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What Small Business or non-profit doesn’t want to look good?

If you are just starting out or have been in business for a while, what do you think about your brand? Did you rustle up a picture in a paint program or did you think about how your brand might affect your business?

If you didn’t think too much about it then it isn’t too late. Your first idea, your first drawing and your first logo were all probably driven by the same energy and enthusiasm that made you step out and start your business. We can probably help you improve on that, by taking your passion and making it bigger and better and more engaging.

Your brand is your first impression; not just your logo, but your tagline, your business card, your customer experience, your personality, your smile, your answering machine, perhaps your family and your hairstyle. Regardless of the type of business you are in, your brand is all encompassing. Some parts of your brand will matter to your customers, others will not. It is guaranteed that some parts of your brand will win customers and some parts of your brand will lose customers. The key to you is to represent yourself in the best way you can to win the customers you want.

It is a myth to say that Small Businesses do not care about who their customers are. When you set out in business, you have an idea of who you are selling to and who you want to win as a customer.

Your brand is a combination of advertising those aspects of your business that win your chosen customer and less emphasis on those aspects of your business that would lose customers. If I run a nightclub then I either want to be the coolest nightclub with all the cool people drinking free water, or I want to sell as many alcoholic drinks as possible every night. You decide that part and your brand should express that, from logo, to business card, to website, to content, to customer experience, to success.

Success is subjective, and is not always about money, but your brand should express who you are and what you plan to achieve.

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