Blake’s of Braselton

We are proud to announce the launch of the Blake’s of Braselton new website!

When the owners of Blake’s first approached us to create their website, and said they wanted to go with an ‘Art Nouveau’ theme, we knew exactly what they were looking for…it called for a bold, decorative, yet classy design.

Starting with mood boards, color schematics, stylesheets, font recommendations and business card design ideas, we were able to begin the Blake’s of Braselton project smoothly and successfully.

As you will see on the website, there are very clean lines, and shapes throughout the various pages. The busy textured background screams art deco, along with the bold logo, with its art deco font, and diamond shape.

We were tasked with, not only creating an engaging ‘public website’ but also a member’s portal that allowed private members to book rooms, pay dues, and get information on private upcoming events.  We wanted to achieve sexy meets sophisticated and the client loved it. 

In total, it took 10 weeks from first initial contact, to the website going live. We hope you enjoy the new website and logo, as much as we enjoyed creating it here at The Moose!