The Moose loves supporting Thankful Hearts!

The Moose and Thankful Hearts work together to feed families in Lumpkin County, Georgia

The Moose is proud to work with Thankful Hearts in helping families in need during the Thanksgiving Holiday season.  Having adopted the charity in 2016, The Moose has worked with this amazing group to develop a new website, update and modernize the Thankful Hearts brand, and promote them to a higher level of success.

In 2017, The Moose launched the new Thankful Hearts website and brand.  Consequently, Thankful Hearts had it’s most successful year since it’s inception in 2013, feeding more families this year than ever.

The idea for Thankful Hearts came about when a group of seven friends got together and decided to start doing something for families in need in their local community of Dahlonega, Georgia. They recognized that there was a need to help working families, during the holidays, offset the cost of providing a Thanksgiving meal.  No matter the circumstance, Thankful Hearts helps by giving these families a Thanksgiving Dinner Box with all of the “fixins” (including turkey, ham, stuffing, and more – even dessert!).  These boxes are put together by a host of volunteers and presented to the nominated families that they can then take home and prepare to their liking in the comfort of their own home while continuing their own Thanksgiving traditions.

One of the founding members of Thankful Hearts, Amberly Enich is quoted as saying, “Thankful Hearts is taking applications from anyone. People can nominate a family or apply for themselves. They don’t have to be on Food Stamps or have lost their home. There are a lot of families that are just getting by and a big meal like Thanksgiving can really put a strain on their budget”.

“When we heard the story of Thankful Hearts and what they were doing for our community, we knew straight away that we wanted to be a part of their initiative.  The Moose is focused on small to medium-sized companies and how to take them to the next level of success, we knew we could bring this success to Thankful Hearts in a big way.  By implementing our processes to this amazing charity, we were able to play a part in raising the awareness of Thankful Heart to local businesses and the public.  We also loved the fact that all of our employees were able to volunteer their time to be ‘hand-on’ during the distribution of Thanksgiving meals to local families.” said Kevin Pope, CTO of The Moose.

We invite you to visit their website at to find out more about this amazing charity.