Animated Diamond Grid

At The Moose we like to create and innovate, we like to do things that other people have not done or have not seen.
One recent example of this was when we were developing the new sites (10 total) for HomeCorp. They needed a way to bring all of their disparate sites and logos under a corporate banner. The Moose went through several artistic cycles working with boxes, rooflines, etc. until we focused on the exposed beams that so many of their properties exhibit.
Once we started working with the exposed beams, a diamond shape started to appear over and over in our designs, so we played with that idea.
Once all of the 10 logos could be brought together under a single diamond concept, we turned our attention to the web site and design animations and effects that we could use that incorporated the diamond. This page here is just one example of how the diamonds were integrated into the user interface and experience.

As an Online Design Agency, The Moose works with our clients to build a much bigger picture than just a website or just a logo. There is a flow from how you look as a company to making a sale. We work with our clients through design to marketing automation to bring clients to your door.

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