Custom Fields

This is a more technical article about Market Automation.

What is a Custom Field?

A custom field is most easily described as something you ask a prospect or customer of yours on your website. Maybe you want to know their birthdate, perhaps their favorite color. Regardless of what it is, if it beyond their contact details, it is probably a custom field.

Custom fields relate to databases and forms. A form asks for the custom data and a database stores the custom field. A custom field is a way of extending what you know about one of your contacts. You might use a custom field to keep a contact’s birth date, favorite color, school, partner’s name or password. Whatever you want to remember, it is generally held in a custom field.

When it comes to databases, some of them have limits. For example, Infusionsoft can only keep 100 extra details about a customer, whereas Active Campaign supports unlimited custom fields.

A limit on custom fields might not appear to be an issue but, The Moose’s experience is that once you get started with your customer base, you will eventually want more.

Each time you make a form, for a seminar or a survey, you will want father more information.

When choosing your market automation tool, this might be important.

If you need help choosing a marketing automation took then contact us and we will do our best to explain the differences.