Web9to5 – Learn to Build and Maintain Your Own Website

Web9to5 will soon be going on the road again, to teach you how to build and maintain your own Web presence.

Why do we do this?
We believe that a Small Business Website is an Asset and over time becomes a significant investment. For that reason alone, you should own it and be able to maintain it.

Who should do this?
Anyone with a reasonable technical ability can follow our course. Our course is basically a list of steps that must be taken to get your own website published. If you are proficient with a computer and able to follow instructions then you should be able to do our course. If the word configuration is not in your vocabulary, then this course is probably not for you, but perhaps one of your employees.

What will I learn?
Building your website is important so that you own it and you understand what it is. But you only need to do that once and we will hold your hand the entire time. Once you have a website, we will teach you how to maintain it. Maintaining your website means keeping it up to date and creating content that will keep visitors coming to your website. What you do with those visitors is the next step.

Where do you hold courses?
We are working on a network of trainers, but right now we can be anywhere that we can cover the cost of the course. We are situated in Georgia and can travel anywhere that is cost-effective for our team. We aim for 6 people in a class.

When are your courses?
We are currently planning our 2017 schedule and will post available dates. If you are interested in attending a course then please let us know by registering your interest…