The Moose Helped you Build your Website – Moving Forward

If you have met with The Moose you will know these two phrases…

  • You have to create the content – it is your content
  • We don’t walk away – we will help you until you ask us not to

We made you a great website and told you all these wonderful things that it could do for you. We told you what you need to do to make that great website work for you. Here’s a reminder….

  1. Spread the word – tell people about what you have. Social Media is low cost and gets everything moving. If you have an e-mail list then use it and backlink to social media. Talk to people and hand them your business card. Tell them to visit your page or site and engage. Tell them how much you appreciate their help.
  2. Ask people for reviews and testimonials. We don’t do this enough ourselves. People that feel like you have helped them will often WANT to help you, but if you don’t ask then they often will not
  3. Create new content and keep it up to date. Are you reading this? We meet so many people that are enthused about what they are going to do and within a week or two, they stop. If you stop then you wasted your time and money
  4. Invest. Like all investments, you started out by investing in your new website, now it is up to you to keep producing content. If you were on a Web9to5 course then we told you how
  5. Prevent ALL spam. Again, as you have been already told, spam can kill your site. Spam dilutes your message and associates your site with the wrong keywords and authorities. Spammers find your site through searches and they use that to their advantage/your detriment. Lock it down.

If you need help with moving forward with your website then Contact Us.