Marketing Automation #1

If you are reading this then you probably either know what this is and want to know what we have to say, or you have no idea what this is and you are trying to learn. Either way…welcone to The Moose and our blog.

To us, Marketing Automation is, without stating the obvious, making computers do some of the marketing for you. This can mean many things, but imagine a website that doesn’t only represent you, it works for you.

Imagine a website that sells for you, represents you and engages with your customers 24/7/365. When someone interested in your product commits and engages in a conversation with you, your website automatically responds back and deals with all of the standard inquiries.

Your website will never replace you and no amount of automation will replace the human touch, but automation can and will reduce or remove the frustration and delay your customer might experience. Imagine the customer that wants your brochure at 11 p.m. on a Saturday night. That is perfectly reasonable from their point of view, but perhaps you are asleep. How will you deliver? How will you engage in conversation? How will you sell and How will you close?

Part of the answer, and the beauty of a smart website, is let your website work for you until you are available.

We will tell you more in Marketing Automation #2, but if you can’t wait, give us a call or send us a message.

See you in Marketing Automation #2