Search Engine Optimization #1

SEO is a term that describes your fight to artificially elevate your site status on a search engine while the Search Engines resist every attempt you make to do that.

As a small business owner myself, my first advice would be “don’t fight with Google”.

Most people, most times, most days, use Google (or Bing or Yahoo) to find what they are looking for. A lot of people will type things like ‘mypillow’ into their browser, to find the thing they ‘sort of’ remember from an advert. It will work and they will find what they want. 

This blog post is not for the MyPillows of this world. This post is for you if you don’t have the branding, name or funding that My Pillow does. If you have a great business and a reason to promote it then this is the first of several posts about SEO.

The first thing I will say is CONTENT. The search engines are filtering and removing EVERYTHING that is not genuine and original content. To get yourself ranked highly in the search engines you need to write original content about the subject.

In future posts we will be discussing how you can produce engaging and interesting content for your website that search engines will use to direct traffic to your site.

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