Story Telling #1

Telling a story can be seen in many ways. True or false are generally considered as the extremes of a story told. How can we tell the difference between true and false?

There is a saying that ‘Truth prevails’, but most people will take this as similar in meaning to ‘wait and see’. Essentially, to know truth, you will have to wait and see more evidence. Reserving your judgement is not always a luxury you have. Most often, we rely on the reviews and testimonials of others so that we can make impulsive decisions.

The advantage of search engines and websites is that they often offer a history and the ability to see, over time, how a company or person has behaved and/or represented themselves.

This post is not a sales pitch for The Moose. We already have what I am describing, we have years of experience, references and creative work that we are proud of. We have the evidence on our website and a simple Google search will back that up. This post is about you and what you are doing right now…

If you make chairs/compressors/healthy people/homes/dinner then how are you going to convince people that you are the best at that or that they should pay you for what you do?

The simple internet answer is… prove it. Reviews and testimonials are wonderful, gold dust, but if you have been in business for years and years and you are only just getting online then I have a great piece of advice…write something like this. This article that you are reading is a classic example of story telling.

Blog is short for ‘Web Log’, your Internet diary. This post that you are reading is part of The Moose’s Internet diary. I am writing it right now, but it will be cast in the sedimentary layers of the Internet for years to come – a milestone in The Moose journey.

I have a lot more to say about how to tell YOUR story, but you will have to wait for Story Telling #2 😉

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